Monday, July 25, 2011

A Memorable RV Vacation in Massachusetts

Western Massachusetts is home to exactly the kind of attractions avid RV campers like to find. Historic settings, first-class outdoor recreation venues and heart-stopping scenery promise a memorable RV vacation. Here's a three day itinerary that includes something for everyone.

Day One: Pittsfield State Forest

Start your trip near the New York/Massachusetts border at Pittsfield State Forest, home to excellent campgrounds and a whole host of outdoor play possibilities. Bring your fishing poles to fish Berry Pond and plan to hike at least one of the forest trails to find waterfalls and other Taconic Mountain mysteries. The Taconic Crest Trail, in particular, draws hikers and mountain bikers from all over America.

Day Two: Historic Western Massachusetts

Just down the road from the state forest you'll find the historic town of Pittsfield, sometime home of literary legend Herman Melville. Melville's Arrowhead is the farm on which he finally settled with his family and wrote Moby Dick, as well as other famous works. You can tour Arrowhead and also enjoy the venue's fascinating historical exhibits.

Once you've enjoyed Arrowhead, turn the RV toward another of the area's historic sites, Hancock Shaker Village. This living history museum, on the outskirts of Pittsfield, celebrates the life of the Shakers, who came to America in the late 1700s seeking religious freedom. Visit the exhibits, watch live demonstrations of crafts and skills and hike the Village's trails that lead into the surrounding Berkshires.

And then it's time to travel I-90 east about an hour to visit Holyoke Heritage State Park. An urban historic park in the canal-lined mill town of Holyoke, it offers visitors the chance to see regional history exhibits, ride the antique carousel and tour the Volleyball Hall of Fame. Stay to walk the charming streets of Holyoke and enjoy the quaint architecture.

Day Three: Massachusetts Small Town Charm

The final day of our Western Massachusetts RV itinerary takes you back west on I-90 to the town of Lee, Massachusetts which bills itself as the "Gateway to the Berkshires." You'll find excellent hiking, boating and fishing opportunities at nearby October Mountain State Forest, as well as an RV campground. Nature photographers will enjoy the stunning scenery at Goose Pond Reservation, ten minutes south of Lee. You can catch a ride on the vintage Berkshire Scenic Railway four miles away in Lenox, MA, or you can decide to slow things down on your final day and simply enjoy the small town charm for which Lee is famous.

Decide to spend some time RV camping in Western Massachusetts and you'll gain singular vacation memories to treasure. The beauty of the Berkshires and the region's historic villages come together to make this region one you won't soon forget.

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