Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Quabbin Chronology: 2000 - 2999

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2001 January 26 - A Fitchburg pilot lands his small plane on the cold Quabbin ice, ending up in hot water with the law. The plane was stuck on the slushy surface for four days before being removed.

2001 May 9 - Frederick A. Laskey is named Executive Director of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.

2001 September 11 - Quabbin Reservoir is locked-down and secured by State Police and National Guard troops as a precautionary measure after horrific terrorist attacks on the United States kill thousands.

2002 May 6 - Portions of Quabbin closed to the public in the wake of the 9-11 attacks are reopened, including Gates 43a-50. Traffic patterns in Quabbin Park were changed in the interest of safety. Vehicles are no longer allowed access to the Winsor Dam or the Goodnough Dike.

2002 September 11 - State Police patrols are beefed up at Quabbin as a protective measure on the first anniversary of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil.

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