Sunday, August 3, 2008

Edges and Corners: Westfield, Massachusetts

Life is rife with edges and corners, sharp turns and sweeping arcs.

Some are clearly marked: Named by those who have come before. Birth, Love, Marriage, Death...

Others draw you toward them with anonymous promises of beauty, confident edges overlooked until the fall to hard earth.

Still other corners and edges are dulled by time, the hands that formed them long drawn idle, the mortar that joins them long since cured.

Most are mysteries waiting to be unraveled, the truth sometimes best left to the imagination, sometimes unavoidable.

Others reflect back the image that approaches, chameleon eyes and mirrors hiding secrets beyond.

And choices and possibilities are indeed impossible to avoid confronted with a corner or edge. Darkness or light - joy or sadness - life or death?

In or out? Around or through? Each door an option set to creak open or throw tight its bolt. Each corner a journey's leg, each edge a border of life, a marking of time...

As always, thanks for stopping by and take care.

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sojourner said...

You give new vision to see familiar sights. Thank you for another eye opening perspective.

Mary E.Carey said...

What a good idea, Mark. These photos are so atmospheric.

Tommy said...

Well done.

Ted said...

Nice job. Very origional perspective. Is that last one the Rinova building?

Mark T. Alamed said...

Thanks everyone!

Ted: Yes, that is the Rinova building.