Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leftovers: Westfield's So's Restaurant Menu

Perhaps in hope of nudging Spring awake, I've recently begun sifting, sorting and scrapping the contents of the assorted accumulated partitions and containers chock full of yesterday that clutter my apartment and mind. Funny what one can find in the hidden recesses of trunks and cellars, attics and memory.

This seventies-era menu from Westfield's famous and much-missed So's Chinese-American restaurant brought thoughts of growing up in Westfield. When Sunday meant the inevitable line of hungry folks snaking out the door of the popular restaurant up Elm Street.

Back when Burger Town (sure, the meat was questionable...but for seventeen cents a burger...) occupied the northwest corner of Orange and Elm and the Donut Shop on the opposite corner was still the Donut Shop. On the way to school, it was daily magic to walk through the warm, heaven-flavored donut steam pumping out of the the wall vent into the cold air of a Westfield winter morning. It was a treat to stop for a donut and hot cocoa. Sometimes there would be change left for penny candy at Rasta's store, which always smelled so good of cigars and tobacco. If one was flush with funds - say fifty cents, or so - a balsa-wood airplane or a Tales from the Crypt comic book or the latest Mad magazine could be had there as well. And empty cigar boxes galore - free for the asking - great for organizing desks and crayons and saving baseball cards and storing things like...well, this menu from simpler days...

As always, thanks for stopping by and take care.

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france pope said...

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Anonymous said...

My family still talks about how amazing the food was at So's!!

We would love to get our hands on those recipes. Do you know if they ever opened up another restaurant anywhere???

Anonymous said...

We would like to know the same. No restaurants fried rice can compare to theirs. Their food was amazing. Any info on recipe's would be appreciated, or if they have another restaurant anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for years to find any info on their restaurant or recipes but have had no luck. I've had fried rice from many different cities from New York, Chicago Florida etc, but can't find any to compare to theirs. I wish I could find a restaurant with the same type of rice. Any info?