Sunday, March 15, 2009

Map: Bird's-eye View of Westfield, Massachusetts, 1875

Who doesn't like looking at an old map? Well, I suppose a traveler on a new highway might not, but hey, if you're using a bird's eye view from 1875 to navigate now, here's three letters for you: G - P - S. Not that I own one of the newfangled devices, but then again, I tend to stick to the old, well-worn highways and byways anyway. 'Tis always a gift to spot the new along a familiar road.

This O. H. Bailey & Company map of Westfield, Massachusetts in 1875 has lots of interesting features. The racetrack on the corner of Main and Meadow Streets, the remnants of the old New Haven- Northampton Canal running alongside the railroad tracks through downtown and the covered bridges over the Westfield River are but a few. This map also shows the area of North Elm Street at Depot Square before the railroad tracks were raised (in 1896) and the road dug out beneath them. What is today the dead-end of Old Pochassic Street can be seen on the map as the road leading to the old bridge spanning the railroad tracks. All in all, it's a neat map to peruse. Unless, of course, you're lost in the 21st century.

For more maps - old and new- of Western Massachusetts and beyond, take a look at the EWM page 'Trails, Rails & Roads: Maps,' an exclusive feature always accessible via sidebar link.

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Map source: Library of Congress Geography and Map Division; Westfield 1875. C.H. Vogt Lith.; J. Knauber & Co. Printers; O. H. Bailey & Co. Pub.;

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Anonymous said...

I actually have this actual map framed. Is is worth anything to anyone??? My husband bought the old Chamber of Commerce building a few years ago and found it in the basement.

Christina Gezotis, Westfield, MA

Mark T. Alamed said...


I imagine if the map were an original, it would be worth something.

Unframed reproductions of the 1875 O. H. Bailey Westfield map are retailing from $14.95 to $69.95 (depending on size)at

The map is no longer covered under copyright and can be downloaded and printed at home for free from the Library of Congress web site. The link is in the source info at the bottom of the post.

I hope you found this helpful.


"Gunner" said...

The race track you note on the corner of Main and Meadow was known as Moseley's Park and was the home of baseball in Westfield from 1860 to 1899. There was a baseball diamond in the middle of the race track with home being to the Main Street side.

Richard Nowak said...

Thanks for the info!
My wife and I own a house on Frederick Street which is in the middle of the race track or baseball diamond. Didn't know the name of the park or that baseball was played there!

Great history!