Saturday, August 29, 2009

Map: Bird's-eye View of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 1899

Pittsfield was eight years a city when this bird's-eye view map was published by A. M. Van de Carr in South Schodack, N. Y., in 1899. Printed by the Weed-Parsons Printing Co. of Albany, N. Y., the map is not drawn to scale, but does include a numbered directory of Pittsfield places of interest.

The city's distinctive Park Square, fed by a quartet of streets named sensibly after the four points of the compass is seen in the lower center-right of the map. For folks interested in learning a little more about the city, captioned images of the square captured over a century ago - just around the time this map was published - can be seen in the EWM post: Photographs: The Spokes of Park Square, Pittsfield, Massachusetts (c1900-1920).

For optimal viewing, you may prefer to save this image to your computer for perusal in your favorite photo program. This map (and many others) can also be found online at the Library of Congress, in the Map Collections section of the American Memory project. And, of course, there is the ever-available EWM page, Trails, Rails and Roads: Western Mass. Maps, where you will find links to this map and similar others, as well as current local maps and popular map sites like Google maps and Map Quest.

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