Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Free Fun Fridays Courtesy of the Highland Street Foundation

Since 1989, the McGrath family and the Highland Street Foundation have been ardent champions of children and families in Massachusetts.  According to the foundation's mission statement:

"The Highland Street Foundation is committed to addressing the needs of children and families primarily within the states of Massachusetts and California. We direct our efforts to provide access and opportunities in the areas of education, housing, mentorship, healthcare, environment and the arts."

The Highland Street Foundation doesn't skimp in its "efforts to provide access" either, sponsoring 'Free Fun Fridays,' a series of cultural events happening around the Bay State on Fridays (and Saturday during the Grand Finale Weekend) throughout the summer, with every attendee's admission fee to each venue paid in full by the foundation.

A few of the fun events that have already taken place this summer include a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, a day at the Franklin Park Zoo and a look back at Pilgrim life at the Plimoth Plantation.  Just these three happenings alone resulted in the Highland Street Foundation paying the way of nearly 40,000 people into some of the finest offerings of the cultural buffet that is Massachusetts!

So far, taking advantage of the foundation's generosity has entailed a bit of traveling for folks out here in the wild west, with this summer's Free Fun Fridays events calendar pointing to venues in Beantown or beyond in the early part of the season.

This Friday, August 13th, though, the fun happens a little closer to home, with free foundation-paid admission to Old Sturbridge Village, all day and for everyone. Just show up and you're in!

Other upcoming free events in or close to Western Massachusetts include, a day at the EcoTarium in Worcester (Friday, Sept. 3), the Worcester Art Museum, the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield and the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield (Saturday, Sept. 4), all courtesy of the McGrath family and the Highland Street Foundation, fine and admirable folks, indeed, and well-deserving of our support.

To learn more about the Highland Street Foundation and the many good things it does for kids and families (and how you can help the foundation continue to provide those services), head over to their website at:

The foundation is also on Facebook:

For a calendar of Free Fun Friday Summer 2010 events, visit the foundation's webpage devoted to the details at:

Links and dates of some of the upcoming foundation-sponsored, admission-free events:

For a handy and frequently updated list of over 80 local activities indexed for usability, check out the EWM page 'Things To Do In Western Massachusetts!'

EWM also has the most comprehensive list of regional museums on the web: 'Museums of Western Massachusetts.'

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Tony said...

thanks, Mark. we've been meaning to give Worcester a look, we might base a visit on checking out the art museum.

Holyoke Home said...

What great events! Thanks for sharing!

Mark T. Alamed said...

It's a great program!