Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Barney Demonstrates Skates at Forest Park

Everett Hosmer Barney (December 7, 1835 - May 31, 1916), Springfield resident and major benefactor of the city's Forest Park is probably best known for his invention of the clamp-on ice skate, for which he received his first patent in 1864.

One of Barney's many other patents, awarded in 1868, was for a perforating machine that could stamp the amount due on a check, or the words "canceled" and "paid."

Here Mr. Barney is seen demonstrating his prowess on his product in a photograph from the 1900 book, A Handbook of Figure Skating Arranged for Use on the Ice, written by George H. Browne, A. M., and published by the Barney and Berry Company in Springfield.

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I still can't believe they tore down Pecousic Villa. I wish I'd been alive to see it.

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I didn't know that clamp on skates were invented locally. Interesting!

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