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Map of Franklin County, Mass., c1879

Franklin County, Mass., c1879

Late 19th century Franklin County is represented in this small slice of the A. Williams & Company Railroad & Township Map of Massachusetts, published in 1879 at the Boston Map Store and printed by lithographers J. Mayer & Company.

Formerly part of Hampshire County, Franklin was relatively young in 1879, born by act of the state legislature on December 2, 1811.  On July 1, 1875, according to state census figures, the population of Franklin County was 33,696. The land those folks owned had a total monetary value of  $16,579,435, as recorded May 1, 1875.

The map notes both population and property value for each town. Post routes criss-cross the county,  each circle along the road a post office, with distance in miles between stops noted accordingly. The offices with double circles sell money-orders.

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Here is a link to the Franklin County segment of the History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts (1879), by Louis H. Everts, featured on the Western Mass. History & Genealogy website (an excellent resource): http://www.franklincountyhistory.com/everts/index.html

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Map source: Library of Congress Geography and Map Division; Digital ID: g3760 rr002350; http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.gmd/g3760.rr002350; http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/r?ammem/gmd:@field(NUMBER+@band(g3760+rr002350))

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