Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Armory's Architectural Inspiration

As mentioned in C. E. Blake's article, Springfield, Massachusetts, published in the January, 1894, issue of The New England Magazine, the architecture of the United States Armory at Springfield was inspired by the East India House on Leadenhall Street in London, England, home of the British East India Company. The photos below illustrate the two buildings' similarities.

The Arsenal at Springfield, now home of Springfield Technical Community College. (c. pre-1894)

The East India House in London. The building was razed in 1929.
(c. 1817)

More on EWM: Poem: The Arsenal at Springfield, H. W. Longfellow, 1845.

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sojourner said...

Very interesting item! Blake's article covers a lot of valuable info territory. Thanks!

Mark T. Alamed said...

Imagine my surprise when I went looking for a photo of the East India House and found the artist's rendering done at just about the same exact angle as the Armory photo from Blake's article.

Cool stuff.