Monday, May 28, 2007

Photo: A-10s Over Springfield

A-10 Warthogs soaring over Springfield, Massachusetts.

More from EWM: Photos: A-10s Over Westfield

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Bill Dusty said...

Mark -

A little personal reminiscing: back in '83, while in the Army serving over in Germany, we were out in the hinterlands of The Fatherland during a training operation for NBC warfare (nuclear, biological, chemical). We had our masks and protective suits on - it was hotter than hell all suited up! Anyway, we were walking along on patrol in some heavily-wooded, hilly terrain (much like the Berkshires, actually), when from out of nowhere - we didn't even hear them coming - two A-10s swooped in low right over us and flew on by.

If we were the bad guys, we've been dead! Our healthy respect for those planes increased greatly due to that fly-over ;-)


Mark T. Alamed said...


Every time I see them overhead, I think to myself "I'm glad they're on our side."

I'm going to miss seeing and hearing them here in Westfield. I'm looking forward to the F-15s coming, though. And I live very close to the airport. I like planes, what can I say?