Monday, May 21, 2007

Photos: 1933 LaSalle

In my two decades as a suspension mechanic, I've been under a lot of different vehicles. They all begin to blend in together, the work can get pretty mundane. Macks, Freightliners, Fords and Chevys...on and on, etcetera, Only a handful have stood out through the years, only a few I have considered myself truly privileged to be able to work on. This 1933 LaSalle that I worked on this morning falls into that category. Pure poetry in motion.

As always, thanks for stopping by and take care.

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Mary E.Carey said...

I'm not even interested in cars, but this one's beautiful!

Mark T. Alamed said...

And the owner is a great guy, too. When I asked him if I could take a few photos of the car, he told me "Heck, take it for a ride."

No, I didn't.