Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Between the Boards: 1891 Report Card

This report card was found between the floorboards of an attic in a house on Federal Street in Greenfield back in 1984. The house has since been torn down (a shame in itself - 'twas such a beauty), so it's nice that this little piece of academic history was salvaged before it was lost for all time. It is dated March 13, 1891.

What it says:


Mar 13 1891

Mr. Wheeler

The conduct of Blanche Wheeler

for the past term has been satisfactory

No. in class 10

Rank '' '' '' '' for the year (?)

Her scholarship is as follows: Very high

in Civil Government and Chemistry

high in French

F. E. Corbin

* * *

A couple of things I find quite interesting about this report card actually portray the changing times in the near-dawn of the 20th century. The idea that the printed form only allows for a "Mr." as recipient coupled with the fact that Blanche is excelling in both Science and Politics shows both innate bias and progressive promise. I hope Blanche got to do what she wanted to with her life.

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