Sunday, May 25, 2008

Westfield's Memorial Day Parade, 2007

Westfield is a growing city, but when it comes time to honor her war dead and veterans, she hasn't lost her old small-town values. And, with the 104th Air National Guard based here, Westfield residents have long enjoyed a special bond with the brave folks who are charged with the protection and safety of cities and towns throughout the Northeast and beyond.

Westfield has given some of her finest souls to the wars of the Nation, a Nation the blood of her best and brightest helped to build, with rightful claim to a patriotic tradition of volunteer-ism cast as far back as King Philip's War of 1675-76. And she remembers, Westfield does. When the Stars and Stripes glide up and the Anthem is sung, the good folks of Westfield turn out. After all, her veterans - and all who answered the call - deserve no less.

Here are some photographs of the city's Memorial Day Parade, 2007.

The Westfield Police Department.

Veteran's groups. Thank you, Vets!

Westfield High School Marching Band.

Military veterans and vehicles.

The future afoot.

North Middle School Marching Band.

The Polish-American Cavalry Squadron.

Parade wheels.

South Middle School Marching Band.

Cub scouts.

A-10 flyovers.

Amelia Park Skate Club and Children's Museum fire truck.

The Westfield Fire Department.

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