The following folks have kindly contributed to Exploring Western Massachusetts. Thank you everyone, your generosity is truly appreciated!

~Mark T. Alamed

  • Jim & Patrice Alamed
    • Book
      • Westfield-Southwick Directory, 1976

  • Don Lappie
    • Book
      • The ABC's of Pioneer Valley
    • Ephemera
      • 1988 Living History Calendar
    • Photographs
    • Postcard


The folks listed above have shared their treasures of Western Massachusetts history for thousands to enjoy.

If you'd also like to contribute to Exploring Western Massachusetts please contact me by email ( for more details.

Scans, digital photographs, ephemera and postcards are but a few of the items that can bring us closer to Western Massachusetts' past. Author submissions are also encouraged, although I'm currently unable to offer financial compensation. Appropriate credit is given for all materials used.

Thank you, contributors and readers, you keep me out there, exploring Western Massachusetts.

~Mark T. Alamed