Welcome to Exploring Western Massachusetts, the blog that brings you "through the past, into the future." Here you'll find vintage postcards and ephemera, photographs, old advertisements, anecdotes and original essays, all with an eye on the wild west of the Bay State. Handy links - always accessible on the right - guide you to online digital archives, local news sites, maps, museums and more, including the popular page, Things To Do In Western Massachusetts. Other permanent sidebar features include the ever-evolving time lines, The Springfield Chronology: Settlement to City and The Quabbin Chronology: A Time Line of the Swift River Valley, found exclusively at EWM beneath the heading, EWM Exclusives. Scanning the EWM Archive or post tags under Explore More helps you home in on specific inquiries. A handy "search this blog" box is located in the sidebar for your convenience, as well.

I hope you enjoy EWM as much as I enjoy working on it. From Agawam to Zoar, there is so much to learn and see, one can spend a lifetime exploring Western Massachusetts.

As always, take care and thanks for stopping by.

Mark T. Alamed


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