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Western Massachusetts Blogs

For centuries, one of Western Massachusetts' most valuable assets has been the creative bent of its residents. The tradition of thoughtful and determined expression continues today and is demonstrated in the variety and quality of locally-authored blogs. The following list is ever-growing and regularly updated. To suggest a blog, please leave a comment below or email: (Updated June 15, 2012)

9 2 Bay 2 9 2 10

"There is always something happening on Route 9 to Bay Road..." ~~Laura

A simple life

"I made this blog to keep some records of different life experiences I might have. Hope you enjoy it!"~~Fishing413


"Also bugs, flowers, movies, travel, my family, cat and food."~~Mary E. Carey

Chester High School Alumni and Friends

"Okay, Blue Devils and Quarriers! Here's another "labor of love" brought to you unofficially by Walter "Wally" Boomsma, Class of '65 and (currently anyway) president of the CHS Alumni Association."~~Walter Boomsma

The Downtown Diaries

"This Blog has been created to chronicle the transformation of The Hippodrome in Springfield, MA back into the Paramount Theater. Scheduled to reopen in late 2009. Check here for more information as it becomes available."~~Mike Barrasso

flash & yearn

"...The imperative "flash & yearn" is the beating heart of the poem, the tension that makes it hum."~~'Sachem Head'


"Political and other opinions from Gavin Andresen."~~Gavin Andresen

Greg Roach's Berkshires Blog

"A blog of random thoughts and reactions emanating from the bank of a mountain stream in the farthest reaches of the bluest of blue states."~~Greg Roach

Hilltown Families

"Welcome to Hilltown Families, a grassroots communication network for families with grade school children living in Western Mass, established in 2005 by hilltown mother and long time activist Sienna Wildfield.."~~From Hilltown Families

Holyoke Home

"One couple. One dog. One achingly lovely historic brick row house. One very cool city. One VERY LONG renovation 'wish list.' One project at a time? We'll see." ~~From Holyoke Home

Holyoke in Photos

"Holyoke's PhotoBlog"~~Jeffrey Byrnes

Husky Hiker

"A journey of weight loss through the woods."~~Jim

Ice Cream Diaries

"One guy's account of the trials, tribulations, and offbeat characters from one old-fashioned ice cream and candy shop just west of Mt. Tom, in the tiny hamlet of Easthampton, Massachusetts."~~Jim Ingram

In Our Grandmother's Kitchens

"Cooking, singing and sharing in New England and Beyond"~~Tinky Weisblat

in the valley

"Outdoor enthusiast, I use this blog to justify my loafing around in the woods when I really should be stressing about the daily rigors of life. But hey, life is short, have to balance things..."~~Tony Mateus

The Joey B

"What's there to tell? I was a seventh grade spelling bee champion. I sometimes wear silly paper hats. I like doughnuts. That's about it."~~Joey B

Seth Kaye's Photoblog

"Current photography by Seth Kaye"~~From web site

Life in the NohoDome

"Northampton from the inside and beyond."~~Jim Neill

A Luminous Halo

"Happy enough for the present in Massachusetts but always looking East." ~~Cicily Corbett

Massachusetts 351

"Laura and Bobb are visiting all 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts and taking a picture in each as part of the Massachusetts 351 Project."~~Bobb and Laura

MassLive Blogs

MassLive and Valley bloggers on one handy page including The Local Buzz, Bay Road Photo, Blog Beat and My Wide World.

Michaelann Land

"Justice for the Rest of Us"~~Michaelann Bewsee

The Mt. Tom Billy Goat

Musings from the Otherworld: LizzieBelle's Photo Blog

"Explorations With My Camera"~~Elizabeth

Musings of an old man

"I probably won't be elegant and I don't know what "aphorisms" means but I do have a lot to say after 64 years."~~Ted

My Dating Muse

"I am a thinker and a doer. I often despair yet never give up. My quest for love is an extension of my dreams of, and attempts at, creating a better world."~~Penrapture

My Nephew is a Poodle (and Other Random Thoughts)

"A peek inside the mind of an author/comedian/homeschooling parent"~~Pamela Victor

My Northampton Diaries

New England Abundance

"Notes from the Valley of Paradise."~~From the NEA blog

New England Girl

"Just a young gal livin it up in New England [for now]. I am an organizing, Type-A, neat freak; a mini-Martha Stewart wannabe; a blogging newbie; and a New England lover through and through. I hope you'll find as much humor in my day-to-day journey through this crazy New England life as I do! :)"~~New England Girl

New England Pride

"Links to everything New England!"~~Craig

New England Travels

"Visits to city and seacoast, farm and factory, mountains and valleys. And miles to go before I sleep."~~Jacqueline T. Lynch

Only in Amherst

"Amherst (Mass) has been described as 26 square miles surrounded by reality. And they do say that truth is oftentimes stranger than fiction." ~~Larry Kelley

Out of the Inkwell

"...writer, film historian, college instructor, and former radio talk show host with now 30 years experience in mass communications."~~Mike Dobbs

Pine Cone Johnny

"The Past and Present Collide."~~Robert Genest

Pioneer Birding

"Field notes about birds, birding and travel from the heart of the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts and beyond."~~James P. Smith

Plastic Revolution

"The wonderings, rantings and ramblings of a 30 something single mom trying to save the world . . . or at least save dinner."~~Reducing in HM

Poetry News

"This is a weekly newsletter/magazine which chronicles the poetry events in the Pioneer Valley and Western MA as well as the larger Springfield/Worcester/Hartford area."~~Lori Desrosiers

The Quilts of Ann Brauer

"Contemporary art quilts that use color, fabric and the traditions of quilt making to create abstract landscapes. Custom orders welcome."~~Ann Brauer

Radio Free Earth

The Radio Free Earth Band's blog.

Rambling VanDog

Holyoke happenings and more...

Readuponit: Travel and Voracious Reading

"Max Hartshorne, travel website editor and cafe owner, sharing some of the stuff I read, hear and see with you."~~Max Hartshorne

Robert G. Judge

"The Blog of Robert G. Judge"~~Robert G. Judge

Running Hard Out of Muskrat Flats

"I am a single Dad. I am a chef by trade. I write for a band called Drunk Stuntmen. I play guitar, I make glass art and often submit to my bohemian artistic leanings which creates an air of solace and serenity in my life."~~Paul Brown

The South Hadley Historical Society

The blog of the South Hadley Historical society, which is based in the Old Firehouse Museum in that town.

Springfield East

"The city of Springfield, Massachusetts, is made of 17 different neighborhoods, each with something special to offer. As a resident of East Springfield/Liberty Heights area, I felt it would be interesting to travel my neighborhoods on foot and see what they have to offer. This blog will serve as a chronicle of my sojourns."~~Courtney Leigh Llewellyn

Springfield History

"A virtual Historical Society for the city of Springfield."~~Ralph Slate

The Springfield Intruder

"The Springfield Intruder is owned and administered by William Dusty, living out of Springfield, Massachusetts."~~Bill Dusty

Surner Birding

Western Massachusetts Birding Blog

Urban Compass

"Searching the soul of the city."~~Heather Brandon


"What is it and what makes it go?"~~Tommy Devine

Viking Pundit

"The only conservative in Western Massachusetts."~~Eric Lindholm

Western Massachusetts Online

"Your Guide for News and Information Relative to Western MA"~~From WMO

Western Mass Politics and Insight

"...Commentary on news and the political happenings in Greater Springfield..."~~Matt S.

Western Massachusetts Regional Library System

"News and Updates: WMRLS-One-Blog"~~From the WMRLS web site

Worthington Library

Blog of the Worthington, Mass. public library.

Check out EWM's Surfin' the Western Mass. Web for additional interesting close-to-home websites:

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